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Conejo-Simi Endodonics
176 Auburn Court, Suite 6
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Patients kind notes of appreciation

I had a root canal done by Dr. Bollinger recently. I was extremely pleased with the whole process. Dr. Bollinger is kind, gentle, understanding, and obviously a great specialist. His assistant Lisa is also wonderful in helping me during my two visits (examination/consultation and actual root canal). The office staff is very friendly, capable, and efficient. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for me.

A. Li

Kudos to Dr. Stoops, Victor, the excellent administrative staff for their outstanding skills, kind care, and attention to detail when I required a challenging root canal recently. Top marks and my sincere appreciation for their excellent assistance! JGS

Jim Schuman

Dr. Bollinger is a true artist. My root canal was painless and efficient. I highly recommend this office.

Douglas Davis

Dr Stoops is thorough and incredibly nice- providing any details I asked. I walked in scared to death and I left the office going to Jamba Juice! Dr Stoops is GOOD ENERGY and talented. I was really bummed that my tooth was falling apart and for the pain- and having to deal with this however I am sure glad I was referred to Dr. Stoops- thank you Sir! I am impressed by what you do. Sure beats the 1800’s! %uD83D%uDE4F

Thank You Dr Stoops!

I had my first root canal ever done by Dr. Bollinger today under oral sedation. It was literally totally painless, the staff is wonderful and the atmosphere relaxed. I even hardly felt the numbing injections. I highly recommend Dr. Bollinger and his wonderful staff!

Inge Nitschmann

Just wanted to thank you for the kind, compassionate atmosphere and personnel in your office.  Starting with the lady on the phone down to the young apprentice who assisted Dr. Cobin.  If at all possible to state ,considering it was a root canal, the experience was tolerable and informative.

I thank you


Very knowledgable, kind, communicates clearly and respectfully and the staff members are very prompt and nice as well.  I gave them a 5 star rating!


I wanted to say a really big thank you to this office they were amazing.

I was in pain when I went in and they were super nice to me and took care of me right away.

Natalie P

I think in the last 30 years I have been referred to this practice by 6 different oral / dental specialists and I have always had an amazing experience. The nature of my dental trouble has been traumatizing after two major car accidents and several kicks in the teeth by young horses. Plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery seemed like a priority and I put my teeth on the back burner....yes I was warned! Yes I'm in trouble! Yes I'm a big fat baby! I can't even make my appointment on time. That being said, the staff has been truly amazing and my experience with the doctors and staff on every visit was thorough, well explained, calming and professional. I run operating centers for a living, and I know it is not easy to accommodate troubled patients and late patients like myself, and I am so great full for this team! I highly recommend!

Louise C

I had a root canal two weeks ago and must say it was a fabulous relif to have a pain-free procedure and I have felt great ever since.  That Monday evening I felt so good that I went to yoga!  thanks for the excellent treatment by Dr. Stoops and all of his staff.

Arlene M

Thank you so much.  You were all wonderful!

Sonia B

Just a quick note to say what I thought no one would ever say…. I enjoyed the root canal.

Jim Bollinger was very patient and understanding of my questions before the procedure, and he seemed to enjoy answering the questions; he actually has a passion for what he does: root canals.  The procedure was a bit challenging, but he did not get flustered and simply did more x-rays and scheduled another appointment to complete the work.  It was a pleasure to be treated by a true professional.  Kudos also to his staff who treated me with perfect dignity and respect.

The tooth that he worked on is feeling fine, and no need for any pain killers.

Thanks to Dr. Bollinger and his staff.  I appreciate the good work.

J. Thompson

March 2016

I am a huge dental phobic but Dr. Bollinger made me feel super comfortable and pain-free!  He gave me (sedation) 1.5 hours prior to the procedure.  I remember bits and pieces of the root canal retreatment.  It felt like 10 minutes in the chair when I was actually there 2 hours!  I was in intense pain prior to the root canal but I feel 100% better now!  He is a friendly, kind and gentle dentist.  The staff was helpful, as well.  I was panicky all week before the treatment but now I won't dread a root canal.


Dr. Bollinger, thank you for being such a caring person and the best endodontist a person could ever want. A simple thank you card could not possibly express my sincere respect and feelings of gratitude. To come here to a place of warmth and kindness and expertise is such a special part in my life. years of my favorite dentist to now my favorite endodontist is amazing!


Amazing! You squeezed me in yesterday and I have absolutely no mouth pain after my root canal this morning, I can finally chew on my right side. Please tell Dr. Stoops he's an Endodontical genius! And thank you to the dental assistant, sorry I forgot your name (All the novacaine went to my brain), for the great attention. I only took 3 advil when I went home and I'm good as new! Thank you!!!


Whatever apprehension I was feeling, after learning I needed a root canal, melted into a sense of calm the moment I walked through the door of this beautiful, modern, well equipped endodontic specialty office. I was warmly greeted by the capable and kind front desk staff. My check in was smooth and my questions answered. After having x-rays and imaging done with the dental cone beam, I received a thorough diagnosis explained in a sensitive manner by James E. Bollinger, DDS. I was scheduled quickly for the procedure and sent home with detailed written instructions and helpful information. Upon my return for the root canal I was provided with the highest level of care I had dreamed of. All my dental needs pertaining to the root canal were met and exceeded. With gratitude to the owners and the entire staff at Conejo-Simi Endodontics, I want to give special thanks to Nancy, Kim, Jocelyn, Lisa and the highly skilled Dr. James Bollinger.


Your Staff and the Dr.'s make this expereince a very non-stress event.  Rybeca was excellent and Dr. Bollinger did a great job with the initial visit.  I can not say enough great things about Dr. Stoops!  I have told my family and co-workers if you need a root canal this is the place to be treated.

Bob Mills

I had a root canal by Dr. Cobin a few weeks ago and he made me feel very comfortable, explaining every detail. I have a bad neck and back making it difficult to hold my head to the side without pain. He provided me a neck roll to alleviate much of the discomfort. Dr. Cobin thoroughly numbed my mouth and I didn't feel a thing. His office and staff are very pleasant.

Dale S

Dr Bollinger and his staff were great! My root canal treatment was smooth and uneventful. I think I experience more pain just getting up in the morning than having this root canal done! I highly recommend Conejo-Simi Endodontics.

Kevin Lappi

Michael Cobin and his staff were wonderful. Timely, compassionate, and efficient. Pain free root canal seems like an oxymoron, but true. I could not recommend Dr. Cobin more highly.

Neil Krupnick

I lost a crown and I knew from past experience that I needed it taken care of immediately. After calling my long time family dentist, and being advised he was out of the office for the next 3 weeks, I was referred to Conejo-Simi Endodontics. I am a “white knuckle” dental patient but was assured it would be OK. I called and an appointment was scheduled for the next day. The office e-mailed me all the necessary forms to complete to save time and when I arrived everything was done. Dr. Stoops introduced himself and went over my x-rays and options in detail. After speaking with him we determined a root canal was needed. I was anxious but Dr. Stoops put me at ease and the procedure was completely pain free, even the initial injections of Novocain. He was great and very patient with me, which I appreciated. The next morning the tooth felt normal, and I wasn’t even sore. To the entire staff at Conejo-Simi Endodontics, THANK YOU!

Lucy Morris

I just wanted to take a moment to once again thank you for all you have done for me.  your professsionalism, care and concern to me as your patient goes a long way!  It is greatly appreciated !  Also, many thanks to Dr. Stoops for once again a quick and as painfree root canals tha I have "ever" endured!  You are simply the best! God bless you all!

I want to thank you very much, for your work on the root canal you performed for me.  Your talent, patience and kindness are outstanding and very much appreciated by me.

P.S. Please thank your staff, also outstanding

I was SO nervous about having my first root canal but Dr. Bollinger and his staff are THE BEST! It turns out it was not much different from getting any other dental procedure requiring novocaine. Thank you all for making this such a positive experience!!


Yesterday I had a root canal with Dr. Cobin. I have had several root canals prior to this and many cavities filled. My biggest complaint has always been how I am loaded up with so much novacane, that when I leave I can't eat or feel good for at least 4or 5 hours until it wears off. I walked out of the office feeling perfectly fine, no numbness to wear off. As a matter of fact, I ate 1 hour later. Today I woke up feeling fine- no pain, no soreness.A procedure which is always so traumatic was as simple as could be. I would highly recommend this office to do your root canals.I also want to thank Dr. Cobin and his staff for such professionalism!!!

Shelley Faigenblat

Wow, what can I say?  Except, after two years of worry, pain, fear of what a new dentist would think.  What a new dentist would say to me about my teeth and not knowing who to go to, it's over!  It's all okay now.  You have no idea how much you helped me get through a major hurdle in my life.  You were very kind and "bonus" super awesome at doing the root canal for me.  I'm just so relieved! Thanks! Please pass that to your assistant and to your super friendly front office.


If you have to have a root canal this is the place to do it. Dr. Cobin is very professional and attempts to make the procedure as pleasant as possible which is saying a lot. Having experienced other endodontists in the past I would only go to Dr. Cobin! The staff is also very pleasant and they have nice new scrubs!

Steve B

very courteous and accommodating staff. Dr. Bollinger was thorough and efficient too!

Bob C.

Two days ago my Dentist referred me to Conejo Simi Endontics for a root canal. I was in a bit of a pinch for time since I am leaving for Hawaii, Sat. am. They were able to do the root canal immediately. It was a pleasure to be "worked on " by such a professional and obviously competent team! The procedure was completely painless. I am greatful that I can go on this vacation without worrying about the tooth. Thanks.. Ken Leiboff

Ken Leiboff

We want to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful service you provided our son.  It is professionals like all of you that allow parents like us with special needs children peace of mind.  We know our child is in good hands and getting quality care.  We will keep you in mind if/when we need your services in the future.

Thanks so much

 I had only heard horror stories about a root canal.  I had no problems whatsever.  It was a great experience.  Well, great for a root canal.  Everyone was helpful, kind and compassionate.

J. Patton

I wanted to extend my personal thanks and appreciation to you, your partners and the exceptional treatment I received.  As you know, I had an emergency consutation with dr. Stoops, followed by the now infamous multi-root canal performed by Dr. Bollinger.  you should be proud of your partners and your incredibly professional and efficient assitant and administration staff.  I appreciate everything you do for me and please extend my thanks and appreciationtoall concerned. 


Was I lucky to be referred to Conejo-Simi Endodontics or what? I had a problem with a recent crowned tooth. After 3 days of major pain, I was referred to Dr. Stoops from Conejo-Simi Endodontics. He called me early on a Saturday morning. He told me he was going to attempt to get his assistant in (which she did) to resolve my problem. Dr Stoops and his assistant were AMAZING. They made me so comfortable and made sure I felt absolutely nothing. I actually dozed off during the procedure. A piece of cake for sure. The folks at this office are incredible and really care about the patient. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this office. What a wonderful and painfree experience. Thank you again Dr Stoops and Chrystal for what you did for me on Saturday, June 12th. You are the BEST!

Kari Stokes

Thanks to all at Conejo-Simi Endodontics. I literally feel like the lion that had the thorn pulled from her paw and feel just as grateful. The root canal went as they explained and I have no more pain. I appreciate the kind staff and the detailed info from the consultation.


I was very nervous about getting my first root canal done. Dr. Cobin was excellent and I didn't have much discomfort at all after. You guys rock!

Bill W.

I have a long history of dental work. It seems that as I've become older, I've become more nervous about it. I had two root canals by Dr. Ryan Stoops in the last three months and couldn't be happier. Not only is he good at what he does, he does it in a gentle and kind manner. Whoo-hoo! I can chew again on my right side. What a joy!

Verlyn Simon

OH MY GOSH...... I was so nervous!! With the sweetest staff and Dr. C. I am feeling great now and know that being nervous was a big waste of energy.  You are all so great.  THANK YOU ! ! !

Lisa P

Thank you so much for fixing my tooth.  It feels ALOT better.  I can sleep now!

E.F. age 10

As you know, root canals have a painful reputation.

This is to inform you that after two visits and considerable work on my tooth, there has been not one single twinge of pain.  I am delighted to have excaped that ordeal which, no doubt, can be attributed to your expertise.  Having gone from dreaded anticipation to extremely happy results, I would highly recommend you to any future patient.

Thank you for taking such good car of me.


I feel that my root canal experience was a best case scenario.  I was fortunate to experience very little discomfort during and after it was done.  I was surprised with how well and quickly it was done and was able to participate in all of my usual and planned activities. 

Kathy Fried

Who would have thought that getting a root canal could be such a pleasurable experience.  The team at Conejo-Simi Endodontics were fantastic at making such an occurance happen.  From the moment I entered the office, I was treated with utmost care.  My treatment was totally pain free and seemed to fly by.  I am extrememy satisfied and would return in a heartbeat for any dental need I might have.

R. Victor Crane

I came in as an emergency patient and was treated in a timely manner.  The doctors and staff were very helpful and professional.  I felt I received top notch care and will recommend this office as the best in the area. 

T. Gallardo

The care I received at Conejo-Simi Endodontics was SUPERLATIVE.  Everyone was so nice to me, the doctor explained everything so clearly and his treatment was painless. There is no reason to fear root canals if you're treated here! 


J Lynch

Conejo-Simi Endodonics
176 Auburn Court, Suite 6
Westlake Village, CA 91362


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